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I'm just a girl who carries a bag full of hopes and dreams that I aspire to fulfill. Usually misunderstood and perceived as shy but try and get acquainted with me and you'll realize all your preconceived notions of me will be disproved.

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A cottage in Sweden http://ift.tt/1oTHdQP


A cottage in Sweden http://ift.tt/1oTHdQP

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What I say, I mean. Taurus (via imstuckinarut)
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1. Protective of those they care for.

2. Makes a loyal friend.

3. Dry sense of humour. sometimes unintentionally funny. 

4. Very determined. 

5. Emphasis on the five senses. 

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Even if #Taurus can be very sociable they still prefer a small inner circle. (via truezodiacfact)